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Josey is the epitome of laid-back and casual cool – a sly smirk on her lips and a twinkle in her eye as she strides down the street. It may look like she's just another carefree girl– but dig a little deeper and you will truly see how big her heart is. She’s the person to call when you need to grab a drink after a breakup, or when you’re ready to let loose on the dance floor and celebrate. A true blue friend through thick and thin? Now that’s keeping it cool.

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Marlene was already a boss when everyone else started calling themselves a girlboss. Sure, she’s ambitious and resilient, holding her own against all odds. Yet, she’s so much more. She knows the true way to move the crowd is with a serene confidence cultivated throughout her life. Whether she’s on the way to closing a deal, holding court at a swanky art gallery, or being the chicest aunt, she knows who she is and she’s not afraid to show it.

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Quinn is the queen of adaptability. She can go from the boardroom to the ballet to her favorite dive bar without breaking a sweat. Some have accused her of being basic, but we all know that’s not true – she actually possesses is that rare magic of being able to fit in in any place while standing out from the crowd. From a young age, she has known how to find her people wherever she goes, and that quality has given her the ability to be icon she is today.

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Harley has a sharp tongue and a sharp eye for detail to go with it. Her lipstick is never smudged and her eyeliner is forever even. Her latest haircut is always impeccable, each strand of hair purposefully placed. She’s infamous amongst her circle of friends and acquaintances for her quick comebacks and lively quips. If you need someone to give you real-deal facts, she’s the one to go. She keeps it honest. In her younger days, she admits she may have been a little rough around the edges. These days though, she’s refined herself to be a woman who is both timeless and contemporary. Just the woman she’s always wanted to be.

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Meryl is a risk taker, whether she's working on a new diy home project, or moving across the country: she always jumps in feet first, and comes up swimmingly. Sometimes, others try to fill her head with doubts and warnings of failure, but she waves them away and keeps moving with certainty and courage. Though she is a natural born leader, her goal isn’t to sit at the top of the heap. With each daring step, she knows she is showing others that success is possible. It’s not about people using her strides as a blueprint – It’s about reminding others that they, too, have the power to create their own path.

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Hayden embodies the essence of rebellion. While the world rushes to define femininity, she confidently treads her own path, unburdened by stereotypes and expectations. She is not just a trend-follower, she’s a trend setter. With an indomitable spirit and a heart that beats to the rhythm of authenticity, Hayden navigates life’s twists and turns with grace. Whether she’s cruising the city streets on her motorcycle, embracing her role as a mentor, or simply savoring quiet moments of introspection, she exudes a magnetic charm that draws others in. She doesn’t chase the spotlight - she is the spotlight, illuminating the world with her unwavering presence and rugged elegance.

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Natalie seamlessly weaves together casual ease and captivating style. She's down-to-earth with oodles of irresistible charisma. Whether she's out for cocktails with her girlfriends or indulging in a cozy movie night at home, Natalie's vibrant spirit shines through. She's your go-to friend, always reliable and undeniably fun, with a killer sense of humor that adds a cheeky twist to every moment. Natalie's style is as authentic as her laughter, making a statement that she's all about embracing life's pleasures.

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