Interview: Gloria Mamurov

We had the opportunity to shoot actress Gloria Mamurov wearing Jakett New York on a few different occasions in Los Angeles.  The first meet & shoot was at Cafe Stella in Silverlake.  When she walked into the beautifully designed Parisian inspired cafe all eyes turned to her.  She has a very special presence that people take notice of even in a (sometimes) jaded city like Los Angeles.  The second time we met up in Sherman Oaks for a few games of early morning tennis.  We played a couple of great matches followed by a photo shoot on the court.  The images of Gloria on the tennis court (all shot in 35mm film with a vintage camera) are reminiscent of the 1979 Ali MacGraw movie "Players".  

My name is Gloria Mamurov I’m an actress, model and currently living in Lala Land

As someone who once lived in NYC what are the biggest style differences between LA and NYC?
I love how trends come In waves from different decades and how influential people are starting trends and it’s like a virus. Today’s trends is an eclectic form of all past decades and to be able to create your own unique fashion sense. And it’s OK to voice your own fashion. I’ve always felt a trend coming I think it can influence from music, politics, and just our environment. New York was always a city where I felt so free in making fun braver choices and it was great! When I lived in New York I was inspired by just walking around in the city and the different suburbs since being on foot there a lot more than I’m LA. The wide population from all over the world made fashion somehow. As an artist I’m pretty empathetic with what’s going on in my surrounding so it can definitely easier to have a more unique style. LA has different areas with different styles so that’s also pretty interesting to see.. Beverly Hills a sophisticated style vs Silverlake with all more boho chic casual style and that is a huge contrast. I believe whatever style you want to wear voice it and own up to it. Love what you are wearing that’s a start to become a trendsetter.. At first when I moved to LA I got caught up with the fitness trend with the cute yoga outfits. I quickly reminded myself that’s not who I am entirely. I missed New York a lot the first years living here as you are faster included in the society while the environment in LA is a bit wider to come across like you really have to drive a bit to sense another style. Missing New York and how it influenced me to layer up and be inspired by fashion that’s what I loved about New York. A Casual day in New York is all about good jeans a nice T-shirt and a kick ass leather jacket. That’s a typical New York look I feel with darker colors.

What's the last style or fashion related item you searched on google?
I recently searched for dresses that I can dress up and down for all occasions :) I love a flowy long sleeve maxi dress right now patterned or not. That works so well with a nice leather jacket for the cooler evenings or without..

How do you usually dress when you attend auditions? 
As much as I’d love to be more “free” for auditions I still have to be in a frame of what my character is. I’ve realized even though the frame may be a Ceo of some sort I always add my flare of style which is very appreciated by casting directors. I’ve used a few vintage items for upscale roles and I’ve always gotten huge compliments for it.

What do you wear LA for a fancy type party or event?
I love a vintage look sometimes mixing up with new and vintage creates a unique style. I always dress after how I feel. I once wore a pant suit simple black suit and white button up with black patent pumps I felt super sexy in it and that radiated out which In return gave me a lot of compliments.

If you could have a dinner party with any 3 artists past, present, real or fictional who would you choose? 
I would definitely have Coco Chanel, Anna Wintour and Gal Gadot Wonder Woman as in her Wonder Woman character.

Who's your favorite icon in a leather jacket?
Probably Batman Ben Affleck and or the black widow Scarlett Johansson.